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Cody Patterson

Fine Artist

About The Artist

My love for painting stems from the unique emotive aspect of oil painting, that is, if the artist successfully executes it. This “aspect” is not achieved through producing a simple facsimile of an object or scene but earned by earnestly defining the right point between realism and novel painterly characteristics afforded only through rigorous patience that this medium demands.

Whether the piece comprises many subjects as in a master copy from a monumental work or a solitary portrait I strive to render not only a likeness of original proportion and value but faithfully communicate the humanity that inspired it. This intention also extends to the skeleton of the painting, the structure, by composing a dynamic and compelling piece from conception to finishing details.

This love originates from the admiration of oil masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer, known for their talent of communicating nuance and unique sense of beauty. It is to this end that motivates me as an artist, and I have only just begun.


I put together a bi-weekly painting tutorial which covers techniques and an approach to Digital Painting and Oil Painting. Although this show is structured for the beginner, the experienced painter at any level will find plenty of professional tips and suggestions to help them in their own painting process.

Digimpasto is unique in that it takes an easy-to-follow method working first in painting digitally and then applies this process fluidly to oil painting from conception to fine details. Art students are introduced to a "three-layer method" designed to help keep the workspace manageable and that promotes a linear direction in the painting process.

Covering a wide variety of subjects from portraiture, still life, landscapes, and master copies the serious artist looking to enhance their own abilities will find Digimpasto an engaging and thoughtful guide transitioning between these two art mediums.